Wizz Air has different offices across Europe, but its main office is based in Hungary. This allows them to serve Eastern European guests with ease, getting them to various destinations throughout the continent, North Africa, and South Asia. Here’s more about what countries they are located in.

Wizz Air Offices

Wizz Air has several different subsidiaries, and these all have offices. The main office for Wizz Air Hungary is located in Budapest, Hungary. There is also Wizz Air UK, which is located in Luton, United Kingdom, and Wizz Air Malta, which is the newest subsidiary that is located in Luqa, Malta.

These offices serve as hubs for the airline, giving them a home location across Europe. Wizz Air is always looking for new opportunities to expand its operations and provide its affordable services to more people throughout Europe, and these subsidiaries allow them to do so. You’ll get the same Wizz Air Experience no matter which you use.

All three of these airlines are part of Wizz Air Holdings, which is based in Jersey and currently publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange. Wizz Air Holdings is the parent company, so all operations fall under their umbrella.


Wizz Air is located in Hungary, but there are subsidiary offices that are located in the United Kingdom and Malta. The parent company, Wizz Air Holdings plc, is located in Jersey. Each group within the Wizz Air company services a different part of Europe, connecting passengers to more than 194 destinations throughout the world – and counting!


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