Wizz Air is a popular budget airline, serving millions of passengers each year. However, they were recently under some hot water because of noncompliance with EC 261. While there’s no indication that Wizz Airline is going bust, it does need to pay passengers for avoidable cancellations, delays, and overbooking.

Wizz Air Court Rulings

If a flight has been canceled, delayed, or overbooked and it’s under the airline’s control, passengers deserve compensation under EC 261. However, a recent report showed that Wizz Air didn’t always comply with that regulation. Because of it, there were 881 court rulings against the airline, the settlements of which reached nearly £5 million in the UK alone.

Many of the issues the airline faced were a result of the pandemic, with staff leaving their positions. That caused a ripple effect, leading to many flights being cancelled or delayed. When customers filed a claim, they weren’t always accepted, which is a violation of European law.

How to Claim Compensation with Wizz Air

Passengers can partner with a flight compensation company to help fight for their compensation with Wizz Air. All you need to do is provide all your documentation, and the specialists will do the rest. They will only take a percentage of your winnings if your case is successful.


Wizz Air is not currently going bust; however, they do need to pay out to passengers for EC 261 violations. If your flight was delayed or canceled and it was in their control, Wizz Air is required to pay passengers out.


Claim up to €600 for your disrupted Wizz Air flights.

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