You get a free carry-on bag or personal item when you travel with Wizz Air. Everything else you want to bring will cost you. What if you want to bring a 20 kg bag with you? Here’s what it’ll cost.

Luggage Cost

The maximum weight allowance for a carry-on trolly bag is 10 kg with Wizz Air, so you’ll need to check your bag if you want to bring a heavier piece of luggage. You can bring up to 32 kg when you check your bag, and it can be up to 149 x 119 x 173 cm, with or without wheels.

How much it will cost will depend on the date of your travel and if you paid online, over the phone with the Wizz Air Call Center, or at the airport when you checked in.

  • Low Season
    • Online or via the phone: €8 to €79
    • At the airport: €60
  • High Season
    • Online or via the phone: €9 to €95
    • At the airport: €90

The high season is over the Easter holidays, summer months, and Christmas – and the weeks surrounding them. These dates are subject to change each year, so make sure to check Wizz Air for full details. The low season is all other dates.


Wizz Air charges different fees for luggage depending on the date, how you pay, and the weight of your bag. If you are travelling with a 20 kg suitcase, expect to pay up to €90 if you are traveling during the high season.


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