Your boarding pass is your ticket to fly, so it’s important that you have it on you at all times. This has all the important information about your flight – times, seat assignments, and more. But do you need it printed? Not always. Here’s more.

Wizz Air Boarding Passes

Wizz Air gives passengers three ways to check in and get their boarding passes. First, you can get an emailed boarding pass. You need to have this boarding pass printed, which you can do free of charge at home. You can also have the airport print your boarding pass when you check in at the desk, though this option will be subject to a small fee.

The best option is to download the Wizz Air mobile app. If you have the mobile app and are able to locate your reservation, then you do not need to have your boarding pass printed. You can simply access it via the app or add it to your wallet and access it from your home screen on your phone. As long as you have your phone, you will have your boarding pass with you.

Do I Have to Pay for a Boarding Pass?

You will only need to pay for a boarding pass if you choose to have Wizz Air print it while you are at the airport. All other options allow you to either print at home or not at all, depending on your check-in preference.


You may need to print your boarding pass if you choose to check in at the airport or get your confirmation via email. If you use the mobile app, you do not need to print your boarding pass.


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