While flying is still statistically the safest way to fly, that doesn’t mean there still isn’t anxiety every time you step on the plane, no matter what airline you’re traveling with. Has Wizz Air ever crashed? Here’s all you need to know.

Air Safety Issues with Wizz Air

There are many different issues that could happen when flying. You could face turbulence, there could be engine issues, you could even hit a bird and be forced to turn around! Sometimes, the landing gear fails, or the airspeed is unreliable. While distressing, all of these are fairly common issues and can be quickly solved with a quick return back to the airport or plane switch.

However, a plane crash is more distressing, and thankfully, Wizz Air has never had a reported crash with fatalities since it was created in 2003. This is thanks to top-notch training, as well as state-of-the-art technology within the planes that help keep the plane in flight. Additionally, air traffic control helps planes navigate the airspace, keeping them from colliding with others.

Flying remains the safest way to fly, and without any Wizz Air crashes on record, you can feel safe when you travel with them.


Wizz Air has never had a fatal crash in the more than 20 years it has been in operation. They have faced other safety issues like most other flights that have caused delays or cancellations; however, rest assured, a plane crash has never been the cause of one of these issues.


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