If you need to take your pet on a trip with you, you’ll need to find a different airline. Wizz Air does not allow pets on the plane, either in the cabin or as checked baggage. There are some exceptions, and here’s all you need to know.

Wizz Air and Service Animals

The only way you can travel with a dog on Wizz Air is if they are registered as a service animal. Guide dogs are allowed as long as they have the appropriate documentation needed as outlined in the Countries Affected by Carriage.

At this time, emotional support animals, even with proper documentation, are not allowed on Wizz Air flights. If your animal is not a registered service animal, it will not be allowed on board.

How to Travel with Service Animal

If you plan to travel with your service animal, you must let the airline know in advance. Call customer service to share your intention to ensure they can accommodate your request. Service animals must be able to sit in front of you and should not be blocking any common aisles.

If the animal is large, it may need its own seat so as not to disrupt other passengers. Wizz Air customer service can help you through the process.


You cannot travel with pets on Wizz Air, but there are exceptions if you have a registered service animal. You need to contact customer service if you plan to bring a service animal on board during your trip.


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