It can be tempting to partake in duty-free shopping at the airport, given the variety of goods and services offered. However, just know that whatever you buy may impact your luggage allotment when you are travelling on Wizz Air. Here’s all you need to know.

Wizz Air Luggage Allowance

Wizz Air has a strict baggage allowance for its passengers, and anything over, you will be expected to pay a fee. Each passenger is allowed one carry-on item, which is a personal item that fits under the seat in front of you.

This also applies to duty-free bags. Whatever you purchase must be able to be safely stored under the seat in front of you. If your duty-free bag does not fit in your personal item or exceeds its dimensions, you will be asked to store it in the overhead container with other pieces of hand luggage. You may be charged a fee if this is the case.

Just because you didn’t initially travel through security with it doesn’t mean that your purchases will not count against your baggage allowance. Some flights may be more lenient, but it’s best to be prepared for flights that are not.


Yes, you can absolutely take duty-free bags with you on the plane, but you may need to pay for them as additional pieces of luggage. Additionally, some bags are sealed shut and must remain so for the duration of the flight. You cannot drink your own liquor, even if it is offered at the airport shops.


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