If you need to make changes to the names on your Wizz Air reservations, you’re in luck! You can change the names of your passengers, but you may need to pay a fee. Here’s what you need to know.

Modifying your Reservation

Updating the name on your Wizz Air reservations is one of the ways you can change your reservation. This includes not just changing the name but also swapping out passengers if needed. If you purchased Wizz Flex, you should not need to pay a fee to do so. All changes need to be made up to 3 hours before departure to qualify.

If you do not have Wizz Flex, you can still modify your reservation, but you will need to pay a fee of €50 to do so. If you cancel it in advance or online, you will pay less than if you cancel it closer to your departure and over the phone.

What If My Name is Misseplled?

If you need to modify your reservation because it is misspelled, you may be able to make the adjustment online for free. This includes less than 3 characters that need to be changed, spelling out an abbreviation, or gender adjustments. You can make one free name change per booking. The rest are subject to the €50 change fee.


Yes, you can change the name on your Wizz Air reservation up to three hours before your flight. Depending on what you need to change, you may need to pay a fee.


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