If you don’t know how much luggage you need when you’re travelling with Wizz Air, that’s okay! You can always add baggage after booking. Here’s all you need to know.

How to Add Baggage

When you are booking your Wizz Air flight online, you can add your luggage to the fare immediately. If you want to add additional bags after booking, you can do so online or in person at the airport.

If you want to add luggage to your fare, simply navigate to your flight summary page and add them there. You can do so up to three hours before your departure. You will get a discount if you book the luggage online. If you want to get other perks like priority check-in and booking, you can always add Wizz Priority.

If you prefer to add your luggage in person, you can do so when you check-in. Just keep in mind that the baggage will be a little more expensive to pay for at the airport. You can get a total of six pieces of checked luggage per fare, but you can only pre-purchase three online. The remaining three will have to be purchased in person.


Wizz Air makes it easy to add baggage to your fare at every point of your travel experience. You will pay an additional fee for each bag, depending on the type of luggage and the length of your fare. Wizz Priority can give you a discount on these fees when you travel.


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