You are eligible for refunds when you need to cancel your Wizz Air fare. However, you won’t get the full fare back. Here’s why.

Cancellation Fees

You will be charged a cancellation fee if you want to get a refund from Wizz Air, though the amount of which will vary based on when you try to cancel. If it is two weeks or more before your departure, you will need to pay €65 to cancel. If it is within two weeks, then you will be charged €85 plus any service fees. Ultimately, it may cost more to cancel than it would to take your trip.

If you purchased Wizz Flex, you will be able to change your flight, but you will not be able to cancel it and get a refund. Any add-ons you purchase during the booking process are nonrefundable.

How Can I Get My Refund?

If you want a refund, you can get it via Wizz Air credits or via your original method of payment. Credits to your account should only take 72 hours to appear, while full refunds may take longer, depending on your bank’s processing speeds.

You may contact customer service for help cancelling your flight and getting your refund how you want it. While Wizz Air tickets are refundable, they prefer to do so by offering travel credits.


Wizz Air tickets are refundable, and you have options on how you can get your refund back. Just know you will be subject to fees unless you purchase Wizz Air and postpone your trip.


Claim up to €600 for your disrupted Wizz Air flights.

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