British Airways provides different options for you to drop your bags, and they open at various times based on your reservation. Here’s all you need to know about when British Airways bag drop opens.

Traditional Bag Drop

You must be checked in in order to drop your bags, so you have to wait at least 24 hours prior to your flight departs to check in. Once you are checked in and have a boarding pass, you can go directly to the bag drop area at the airport and then pass through security.

You cannot drop your bags without your boarding pass. If you don’t have a mobile boarding pass, you can always print one at the airport or at home. Not all flights will accept your bags that far in advance, so you’ll want to check with British Airways to ensure you can drop your bags that early.

Overnight Bag Drop

If you need to check your bag in advance, you can take advantage of overnight baggage drop at select airports. Lonton Heathrow Terminals 5 and 5, London Gatwick, London City, and Edinburgh will allow you to drop your bags the afternoon before your flight.

There are set hours at each airport, so make sure to call in advance to ensure you are able to drop your bag. You must have your ID and boarding pass/reservation details to do so.


You are able to check your bag in advance with British Airways and select airports have dedicated resources to support overnight bag drops.You must have your boarding pass to check your bag.


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