If your flight is delayed or cancelled and British Airways is at fault, you could be entitled to compensation. This is thanks to EC 261, which is a powerful regulation that holds airlines accountable for their mistakes that cause ripples across the airline industry.

Depending on your flight details, you could get up to €600 in compensation from the airline, but you have to file a claim to get it. Here’s all you need to know about how to claim compensation from British Airways.

How to File a Claim under EC 261 with British Airways

Once your trip has been settled, whether by being rescheduled or refunded by the airlines, you should file a claim to get your additional compensation under EC 261. Here’s what you need to do.

1: Check claim eligibility

Not all flights qualify for compensation under EC 261, so it’s important that you check your eligibility. You can do so using this easy claim checker. All you have to do is add a few pieces of information to see if you can get additional compensation.

2: Gather your documents

If you are eligible, you have to gather your documentation. Get everything that has your original reservation details, communications about the delay, pictures from the airport, and anything else you have that proves British Airways was at fault for the flight disruption. All of this will be used to prove your claim, so make sure you have it on hand.

3: Fill EC261 compensation claim form

Now that you know you’re eligible and have all your documentation ready to help you prove your claim, you need to fill out the EC 261 compensation claim form. You can do so via PDF or online. Enter your flight information and other pertinent information. This is the form you need to file to get compensation under EC 261.

4: File your claim

Now that you have all of your information and the form filled out, it’s time to file your claim with your airline. For the best results, many people choose to partner with flight compensation companies to help them file their claims. While these companies take a small fee off the top of your winnings, they do all the hard work for you and advocate on your behalf.

All you have to do is wait for the decision when you take a partner, and we have put together a list of the best flight compensation companies out there to help you choose which one will work best for you. Most will not take a fee unless they win, so it is low risk to partner with them.

5: Track your claim

You can track your claim on the British Airway’s website to see when a decision has been made. If you win your claim, you will get notified and select how you want to receive your compensation. You will need to pay the flight compensation company if you win.

6: File an appeal

Sometimes British Airways will deny your claim, and if yours has been denied, you can file an appeal with them directly once you gather additional information or correct the information that was submitted. If you didn’t partner with a flight compensation company, you can do so now, as they can help you navigate this complex process.


EC 261 applies to many British Airways flights, but you have to file a claim with them to receive your compensation. If your flight was delayed, cancelled, or overbooked, you could be entitled to up to €600 from British Airways, and flight compensation companies can help you get the compensation you deserve without the hassle of personally handling it.


Claim up to €600 for your disrupted British Airways flights.

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