If your plans change and you need to cancel your British Airways flight, you may be wondering if you can get your money back. Yes, but how much you get back will depend. Here’s all you need to know about the British Airways refund process.

Full Refunds

There are a few cases where you may be eligible for a full refund. If you change your mind within 24 hours of booking, you can get a full refund. Your booking must be in advance of the flight. For example, you can’t book a ticket less than 24 hours before it departs and request a refund.

If British Airways cancels your flight, you can also request a full refund. If they cancelled it within 14 days of your original departure, you are also eligible for compensation under EC 261. You have to file a claim separately but could get up to €600 in compensation.

You can only get a full refund from British Airways if you booked directly through them. If you did not, you will have to take it up with the third party.

Partial Refunds

If your flight does not meet those criteria, you may be able to get a refund; however, you will not be able to get the full amount back. You will be charged a service fee to make adjustments to your booking. While this may vary, expect to pay about £15 for the adjustment.


British Airways flights are refundable; however, how much depends on when you want to cancel your flight. You may be charged a service fee 24 hours after booking.


Claim up to €600 for your disrupted British Airways flights.

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