British Airways has guidelines for its carry-on luggage, but many passengers wonder just how strict they are in enforcing it. It may depend on the employee checking you in, and here’s all you need to know.

How Strict Are British Airways Baggage Allowances?

If you are planning on placing your carry-on in the overhead bin, your bag needs to be no bigger than 56 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm. This includes the handles and the wheels. If the bag is bigger, you may need to check it because it will not fit in the bin. It should also be no more than 23 km.

If your bag is visibly too large, an agent may ask you to measure it in the guides when you are checking in. If you are struggling with your bag, you may be asked to weigh it. If you checked in online, it is less likely that you will be stopped by British Airways employees when you get to the airport; however, you may be asked at the gate before you get on the plane.

British Airways is less strict than other airlines when it comes to your carry-on luggage size and weight as long as it will fit in the compartment. Other airlines rely on those fees to keep their fares low, but British Airways does not use that pricing structure.


British Airways is typically more lenient when it comes to your carry-on bag as long as it fits in the compartment. As long as you stay within your bag number allotment, you should be fine when travelling with British Airways.


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