British Airways offers a variety of in-flight entertainment options when you’re flying with them. Do they have TVs in all their seats? It depends, and here’s all you need to know.

Long-haul Flight Entertainment

Every long-haul flight with British Airways has in-flight entertainment available, including TVs. They offer a variety of programming, including popular TV shows, movies, children’s programs, podcasts, and more. British Airways routinely refreshes its content to get the latest to help keep passengers engaged during their flights.

You can even check what is available beforehand to see if you want to watch their TVs or download content on your phone or tablet to watch on your own time. Depending on the in-flight technology, you may be able to use your own headphones via Bluetooth to connect with their devices.

Short-haul Flight Entertainment

Not all British Airways aircraft come equipped with TVs, and if you have a shorter flight, these features may not be available. If you have questions about if your flight will have TVs, you can always contact British Airways’ customer service team.

You will be able to watch your personal devices during shorter flights and may be able to access their in-flight catalog for free. Wi-Fi may be spotty, so make sure to download any preferred content locally to ensure you can watch it.


British Airways offers in-flight entertainment, including TVs, on select flights. Long-haul flights will always have them available, while it may vary on shorter flights based on the plane and flight length.


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