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906, 2022

Can Airlines Overbook Flights?

An overbooked flight is every traveller's nightmare. When you reach the airport and rush through customs and immigration, eager to board your plane, all of a sudden, the gate attendant tells you the flight is overbooked, and you will have to stay back. But why does that happen? Simply put, airlines overbook flights when they suspect several passengers are not going to show up, and instead of flying the plane with vacant seats, they oversell the flight to ensure all the seats are occupied. But how can they refuse entry to a passenger who holds a valid ticket? [...]

406, 2022

Who Gets Bumped When A Flight Is Overbooked?

Overbooked flight is a common term we get to hear. While air travel is stressful enough, worrying about getting bumped because of an overbooked flight is an additional bother. Airlines practice overbooking to avoid losing the revenue generated per seat. If, due to any reason, a passenger is unable to show up for the booked flight, the seat will remain empty, and the airline will have to compensate for the loss. When multiple seats are empty, the loss may amount to thousands of Euros per flight. To avoid such mishaps, airlines calculate how many seats go empty per [...]

3005, 2022

Is Overbooking Flights Legal?

Overbooking flights is a common practice among airlines. Depending on the previous data, the airline makes calculations on how many seats per flight are going vacant. Each empty seat on a flight incurs a loss to the airline, and when combined, it may amount to a lot of money lost overall. In order to avoid this loss, an airline is overbooked. If you are wondering how an airline knows the number of seats that might go empty per flight, there is a straightforward way to calculate that. Airlines have data on how many seats are empty per flight [...]

505, 2022

How to Deal With a Flight Cancellation?

Flight cancellations are common and often inevitable. So, if you're a regular traveler, there's almost no way you can avoid it. Everybody hates delays and cancellations, and you often can't avoid them. But you still have a choice on how to react to the situation. Either you can be angry and frustrated, or you can remain calm and think about making the best of a flight cancellation. This article will discuss the things you need to do when your flight is cancelled. Key Takeaways While flight cancellations can be frustrating, losing your cool won't help you get to [...]

3004, 2022

How Can You Find Out Why Your Flight Was Cancelled?

Flight cancellation messages or calls from the airline can be your biggest nightmare when you are ready for your dream vacation or for an important business trip. But sometimes things don't go according to your plans and you have to deal with such frustrating and annoying scenarios. If your flight is cancelled, you would want to find out why the airline cancelled that flight and what you should do in a situation like this? It’s important to know as the reason of the cancellation will dictate your next steps and whether or not you’re eligible for a refund. [...]

2504, 2022

Can I Cancel a Flight and Get a Refund?

Has this ever happened to you, when you've booked a plane ticket and the next day you find out that you cannot go due to a genuine reason? It isn't very pleasant. And I'm sure that you would want to get a refund on your unused ticket. So, can you get a refund on an unused airline ticket? If yes, then how? You’ll get answers to these questions and more in the article below. So, let’s dive in. Key Takeaways You can get a refund on your unused airline ticket, but it depends on the airline's policy and [...]

2004, 2022

Why Do Flights Get Cancelled?

Flight cancellations can be frustrating, and the worst part is that they are unpredictable. However, when it happens, usually airlines refund the passengers to make up for it. Let's discuss the most common reasons flights get cancelled and whether you qualify for a refund in those situations or not. Key Takeaways Flight cancellations can occur due to various reasons such as severe weather conditions, security concerns, mechanical issues, and strikes. Passengers are typically eligible for a refund if their flight was cancelled due to mechanical issues or sudden strikes, but may not be eligible for a refund if [...]

504, 2022

How Do I Find Out the Reason for My Flight Delay?

Flight delays are unpredictable, and they can ruin your trip. But it can be saved if you are prepared for such circumstances beforehand. When the airline notifies you about your flight delay, it is essential to know why. If the airline's fault causes the delay, you may be entitled to several benefits. There are various methods of finding out about the reason for your flight delay. Let's discuss each one in detail. This article was updated in . Key Takeaways The first step in finding out the reason for a flight delay is to check the airline's [...]

3103, 2022

Do International Flights Get Delayed?

There’s nothing more annoying than a delayed flight when you’re about to leave for a vacation or returning home from one. Due to the new variant of COVID-19, shortage of staff, bad weather, and various other reasons, airlines have to delay flights. And it’s not just domestic flights; international flights get delayed as well. If an international flight is delayed for longer than 3 hours, and the airline is responsible for the issues caused, the passengers get compensation according to the EU regulations 261 of 2004. We know international flights get delayed, but how are we supposed to [...]

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