Flight delays are unpredictable, and they can ruin your trip. But it can be saved if you are prepared for such circumstances beforehand.

When the airline notifies you about your flight delay, it is essential to know why. If the airline’s fault causes the delay, you may be entitled to several benefits.

There are various methods of finding out about the reason for your flight delay. Let’s discuss each one in detail.

Check the Airline’s Website or App

If you face a flight delay, you will find out about it on the airline’s official website. You will also find out the reason for the delay on the website. Click on the flight status tab on the site and enter the information they ask for: Usually, flight destination, boarding airport, and flight number are required.

If you have the airline’s app downloaded on your phone, the app will notify you automatically if your flight is late.

If You’re Already at the Airport Speak to Gate Agent

If you didn’t check about your flight before leaving or it got delayed after you arrived at the airport, speak to the gate agent and ask them about the reason for the delay.

Usually, they are clear about it but make sure you know your rights when the delay is due to any cause that the airport could’ve controlled. If you’re not aware of your rights as a passenger, you may miss out on several benefits, e.g., airlines have to compensate for any delay of more than three hours.

Being obliged to compensation depends upon whether the airline could have prevented the cause of the flight delay or not. For instance, the cause of the flight delay is the plane’s late arrival at the airport due to some mechanical issues. Then you have every right to compensation.

However, if the cause of delay comes under “extraordinary circumstances,” i.e., situations that the airline cannot control, you will not qualify for compensation.

Check Other Flight Status Websites

Other than the official website and application of the airline, there are flight status websites to tell you the flight’s status. However, very few might share the reason for the delay.

Furthermore, you can also see your flight status by simply entering the flight number and airline in the google search bar.


To find out why you are facing a flight delay, you can visit the airline’s website. If bad weather conditions cause the delay, you will know. If the flight gets delayed after you arrive at the airport, you should ask the gate agent for the cause of the flight delay.

You can also find out about the status of your flight and the reason for the delay on Google search engine and Google flights.

Knowing your rights about compensation can provide you with many benefits. If the delay is significant, i.e. more than three hours, the passenger is entitled to compensation.

Are you confused about whether you are eligible for flight delay compensation? Visit this page to find companies that can help you out.