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Excellent and speedy service is the focus of this company. Refund.me offers their clients due money from airlines in almost record time. One of the best flight compensation companies available, Refund.me is ready to assist you in the process of receiving compensation from the airline as soon as you’re back from the airport. While every flight compensation company is different, Refund.me takes the best features of the industry’s leading companies and makes them each their own.

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We’ve put together a thorough review of Refund.me and the process they enact to help you see for yourself what they have to offer.

Refund.me overview

OVERALL RANK: #24 out of 24
USABILITY: Very easy to use
REVIEWS: 75% “Excellent” reviews based on 1,139 reviews


Our Refund.me review

Refund.me offers some of the best service available in the industry. What many reviews did seem to complain about was the length of time it took to receive compensation. There seems to be a drastic difference in the average where some people receive compensation within weeks, and others have been waiting for years. However, Refund.me does add credit to its abilities by offering a full refund if your case does not succeed. You won’t find yourself down even more money if the airline denies your compensation.

This company promises an above average compensation to their customers. Most companies offer around €320 per missed flight whereas Refund.me goes around a bit more. Most of the reviews offered by previous customers lend to the positive side of their services. In most cases, this company offered quick and efficient service and got the passenger their due compensation. Some reviews claim that this company has yet to respond to their case after nearly four years of waiting. The company is incredibly easy to work with and will provide you your refund in a rather quick and painless manner.

It’s easy to recommend Refund.me as their services and quality speaks for itself. Some cases seem to fall by the wayside, but if you contact them and press your case further, they might yet respond. Their average compensation back is above the industry standard, but so is their service fee. It all depends on what you’re looking for, but all in all, Refund.me is a great company to team with to get your due compensation.

Refund.me Pros

  • Refund.me claims to have a 98% success rate for their cases argued.

  • If your case fails and you don’t receive compensation, you don’t owe them any service fee.

  • Their average compensation fee (which is based on the original flight distance) is above the industry average.

  • Clients who have worked with this company attest to the professionalism of their services as well as the speed at which they operate.

Refund.me Cons

  • Their service fee is slightly above the industry standard. This seems to be counteracted by their success rate as well as their expected compensation return.

  • Customers have claimed that it took longer than advertised to receive their compensation.

Refund.me flight compensation

Short flights


Mid ranged flights


Long flights


Refund.me fee

Short flights

75Success fee

Mid ranged flights

120Success fee

Long flights

180Success fee

Is Refund.me trustworthy?

Yes, Refund.me is trustworthy and you can trust them.


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When are you entitled to EU flight compensation?


EC Regulation Number 261/2004 establishes common rules for passenger compensation aid for flight delays in the European Union countries. These rules state that passengers are to be given compensation if their flight was departing or arriving in EU and was delayed due to airline’s fault. Compensation is given to a passenger who has experienced a delay of more than 3 hours. A flight delay in general can be any delay, though in order to qualify for compensation, the delay must put you at your final destination more than 3 hours late. A canceled flight is considered eligible for compensation if it was cancelled less than 14 days before scheduled departure date. Bellow you will find the most common airline’s faults:

Airplane Technical Issues

If the airplane has mechanical or technical issues, such as faulty landing gear or questionable control systems, then the airplane is considered to have technical errors, and is not safe to proceed with the flight.

Airplane Rotation

Rotation situations involve the plane arriving late from its previous destination. This offsets the time it departs on its next scheduled flight route.

Operational Issues

Operational issues can include anything having to do with the planning of the flight. This normally involves route planning, but it could include other technicalities that affect the operation of the plane.


The law provides some level of flexibility here, since there are other scenarios where the flight may not be able to proceed. These reasons are not always foreseeable, therefore hard to document specifics.

When are you not entitled to EU flight compensation?


There are certain circumstances where the airline is not responsible for flight disruptions. If the airline is not responsible, then passengers do not qualify for compensation.

Delayed for Less Than 3 Hours

If you flight was delayed, but you still made it to your final destination in less than 3 hours late, then you do not qualify for compensation.

Flight Canceled More Than 14 Days Ago

A canceled flight is not considered eligible for compensation if it was cancelled more than 14 days before scheduled departure date.

Airplane Manufacturing Flaws

Manufacturing flaws in the aircraft is considered to be no fault of the airline. Under these conditions, no compensation is required.

Bad Weather Conditions

If it is determined to be unsafe for the aircraft to depart, the airline is not at fault and compensation is not required.

Strikes and Incidents

Strikes are not considered the fault of the airline; therefore, compensation benefits do not apply.

Non-EU Flight/Operator

If your flight carrier isn’t registered in the EU, the flight does not qualify for compensation.