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FairFlight is a trademark of the Paddock Media group which is based in the United Kingdom. They are dedicated to giving air travellers any compensation owed for delayed, cancelled or otherwise problematic flights. They have been mentioned or featured in U.S.A. Today, the Washington Post, BBC News, The Telegraph and CNN.



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Fairflight.co.uk overview

OVERALL RANK: #30 out of 34
USABILITY: Not working
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OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Fairflight.co.uk

Our Fairflight.co.uk review

Fairflight.co.uk review

FairFlight is the name that Paddock Media Group uses to help air travellers if they need compensation for delayed or cancelled flights. According to their website, they can get you up to 600€ in compensation, you will not be charged unless the compensation is won and they have lots of happy and satisfied customers. They also have credentials from places like The Washington Post and BBC News.

Their website is basic, but provides all the information you need, all on a single page. This allows for easy navigation without having to thumb through different tabs looking for one piece of information you need. They do have a small social media presence on Facebook and Twitter.

After you submit your claim, FairFlight will do their best to work on your claim allowing you to forgo the stress of having to negotiate with the airline directly. If you claim is successful you will only be charged a fee of 25%.

While there are very few reviews, they do provide testimonials of happy clients that successfully claimed flight compensation from two major airlines.

Sometimes basic is all you need and that’s what FairFlight is. Right down to their website, it’s all cut and dry and there are almost no questions that need to be resolved. If you are looking for a company that is easy and uncomplicated, than FairFlight may be the way to go for you.

Other things to know about Fairflight.co.uk:

  • A trademark of the Paddock Media Group.
  • Fee of 25% if claim is successful.
  • FairFlight provides up to 600€ in compensation.

Fairflight.co.uk Pros

  • Their simple website allows for easy navigation.

  • If you do not win compensation you do not have to pay.

  • FairFlight claims to have over one million satisfied customers.

  • Shows claims that customers have submitted and to which airlines.

Fairflight.co.uk Cons

  • Very little information aside from the basics.

  • Does not state how long it takes to resolve a claim.

Fairflight.co.uk flight compensation

Short flights

  • Flights up to 1500 km

Mid ranged flights

  • Flights from 1500 km to 3500 km

Long flights

  • Flights more than 3500 km

Fairflight.co.uk fee

Short flights

875Success fee

Mid ranged flights

125Success fee

Long flights

175Success fee

Is Fairflight.co.uk trustworthy?

Definitely yes.

This Fairflight.co.uk review was updated in 2023.

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Fairflight.co.uk FAQ

Is FairFlight reliable?2022-05-17T09:54:45+01:00

Yes, FairFlight is a reliable website that says they’ve helped more than 1 million customers worldwide who have faced flight disruptions in the EU.

How much does FairFlight’s service cost?2022-05-17T09:56:53+01:00

FairFlight charges a 25 percent fee on successful cases. You don’t pay if you lose. FairFlight can help you reclaim up to 600€ in compensation.

Is FairFlight legit?2022-05-17T09:53:36+01:00

Yes, FairFlight is legitimate, backed by positive media reviews and customer testimonials. They advocate on passengers’ behalf when EU flight compensation regulations are violated.

What is FairFlight?2022-05-17T09:53:14+01:00

FairFlight is part of Paddock Media Group, which is a UK-based company. It’s been featured in worldwide publications for its high-quality service and positive outcomes.