If your flight was delayed or canceled, it can seem as though you have nowhere to turn. Your time has been wasted, your day of travel has been ruined, and you have a massive corporate airline staring you down daring you to do something. You might be protected by EU261 which guarantees you compensation for this lost time, but what good is it if you’re alone against the airline? The legal process of receiving your due compensation can be long and grueling.

Luckily, you’re not alone. There are countless apps available to help you get the compensation you deserve for your delayed or canceled flight. These companies understand the legal process and know-how to guarantee your money back from the airline promptly. But who can you trust to get you your money back? Here, we take a look at the best apps to help you claim your delayed or canceled flight compensation.


5 Best Apps that Help Travelers Claim Flight Compensation of January 2022


1. Skycop.com

Skycop reviewRanks #1 out of 24 flight compensation companies

Overall, Skycop provides a lot of information and a streamlined process for getting compensation from airlines. They pride themselves on getting people the money that they are owed, and their customer service and amount of people that they have successfully served provides a tangible reflection of this passion. Skycop has a very informative and secure website that explains the process and what it may entail very well. Their staff and willing to work through several months of claims and negotiations to get results, and past customers say they do this patiently and graciously. Skycop provides all the information you need to decide if you want to use their company to claim compensation from airlines. They have low commissions, but they put plenty of time and effort into the process that would otherwise take months of further disruption to your life and schedule. They make it worth it to open a claim and begin the process to see if you can get anything back your disrupted travel experience.

Claim your compensation with Skycop here

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2. Airhelp.com

Ranks #2 out of 24 flight compensation companiesairhelp

AirHelp claims to be the leading travel compensation site for airline cancellations, delays, and overbooking. They have been reviewed on over 70,000 occasions and have maintained a rating above 9/10, which is impressive for any business. Their compensation amounts are higher than other airline compensation sites, while maintaining the industry standard 35% success fee, which is completely risk free. It’s clear that the team members at AirHelp are knowledgeable, and on their “About Us” page potential customers are able to see and learn a bit about who will be managing their claim. With such a sound track record, AirHelp will deliver exceptional service and provide the most compensation possible; all while customers sit back and let the team take all of the time out of the claim process. Also, when airlines deal with individual customer claims, they are less likely to compensate in a timely manner or at all, and are more willing to let the issue go to court. When they are dealing repeatedly with a renowned airline compensation firm, such as AirHelp, airlines will be more willing to compensate quickly.

Claim your compensation with AirHelp here

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3. Claimcompass.eu

claimcompass-400x200Ranks #3 out of 24 flight compensation companies

ClaimCompass is a professional and efficient company in the business of flight compensation. They are very highly reviewed on their website and generally applauded for being efficient, communicative, and overall an easy and effective service to make use of. Sometimes people are skeptical of the process of flight compensation, but ClaimCompass makes it easy to feel like you are getting the money you deserve with little hassle or headache.

ClaimCompass is responsive and will work as quickly as possible to get the claim and compensation taken care of. Some reviewers mention receiving compensation in as little as two weeks, and while each case is highly variable, this company seems to have a faster turnaround time compared to other company’s reviews. They are available to interact with customers in many languages, so they are able to offer their services to a large percentage of the people who are flying within the European Union under these regulations.

Overall, ClaimCompass works efficiently on behalf of the passenger, and has staff with immense knowledge of the airline industry and regulations. They provide plenty of information, including ratings on each airline’s flight compensation tendencies, so the customer has a good idea of what they are getting into. The more claims they are able to win, the more money they will make, so they are plenty motivated to get you the money you deserve to compensate for a bad flight experience in the European Union.

Claim your compensation with Claimcompass here

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4. Flight-delayed.co.uk

flightdelayed-400x200Ranks #4 out of 24 flight compensation companies

Overall, Flight-Delayed is a good choice of airline compensation sites. They do not have the highest volume, but that may mean more meaningful interaction with team members. Their high reviews and near-perfect success rate speak for the professionalism. And, at the least, their website is a good resource for learning about what rights customers have in cases of egregious airline conduct. As usual, you can count on Flight-Delayed to not waste your money, because they only take 25% of what the airline agrees to compensate, making each claim valuable to them. Reliability is by far their strongest asset. Unfortunately, flight cancellations and delays happen all too frequently, so having a sound airline compensation team is important. And while it can be difficult to choose an airline compensation provider when there are so many, Flight-Delayed will reliably offer each of their customers a sound legal experience and excellent compensation. If you can look past the lack of telephone correspondence and trust that Flight-Delayed will do all they can to win your compensation, then when you submit your claim through the team at Flight-Delayed, you can sit back and know that sometime within the next year your money will be rolling in.

Claim your compensation with Flight-Delayed here

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5. Compensair.com

compensair-400x200Ranks #5 out of 24 flight compensation companies

Compensair has dealt with 40 countries and hundreds of different airlines allowing it to have experience in getting a customer’s claim, this is also doubly effective as they cover every country in the Eurpoean Union and a few outside it. Despite only having limited means of communication, Compensair is able to assist in five different languages and do respond quickly through the appropriate channels.

They are transparent about how they operate, which provides peace of mind to anyone wishing to use them. Their website is simple and laid out in a way that explains who they are, how they work and what it takes to get you compensation for your delayed or cancelled flight.

The customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive citing how easy Compensair’s service was to use, as well as the friendliness of those working for them. Compensair’s Facebook is also buzzing with activity and positive reviews, which shows they have a dedicated client base. While there may be a couple of small wrinkles, Compensair is a reliable company to claim any compensation you may be owed for your flight.

Claim your compensation with Compensair here

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What We Looked For in These Apps


Company Country Average Claim Success Fee Time frame
Skycop Lithuania flag 320€ 75€ – 180€ 6 – 12 weeks
Claim your compensation
Airhelp Germany flag 320€ 88€ – 210€ 8 – 16 weeks
Claim your compensation
Claimcompass United States flag 300€ 88€ – 210€ 8 – 16 weeks
Claim your compensation
Flight-delayed.co.uk Netherlands flag 312€ 75€ – 180€ 10 – 16 weeks
Claim your compensation
Compensair 350€ 75€ – 180€ 8 – 14 weeks
Claim your compensation


For an app to appear on our “best” list, we must take time to compare and review it and everything it offers. We then compare each app to the industry standard as determined by travelers and their needs when their rights have been infringed upon. We start by looking at reviews of people who have used their services before. The good, the bad, and the undecided all come into play as they all give us an understanding of customer satisfaction with the apps.

We then look through what they offer, how quickly they guarantee your money back, and what percentage of your earnings they’ll look to take. We compare these numbers with those of already trusted flight compensation apps to see how they stand against their competitors and review based on that. Finally, we take a look at their online success rate amongst customers to see how good they truly are. Once we’ve ensured that the company is as good as they claim to be, we enter it into our list.




Each app on our list is guaranteed to help you get your money back from the airline after a delay, cancellation, or another form of flight disruption that entitles you to financial reimbursement. If you have a case, any app on our list will be sure to help you through the process. They’ll take a look at your case, alert you to your chances of success, and then move forward if your case is even slightly plausible.

We’ve thoroughly reviewed each app to ensure that it’s one of the best available so that you know you’re getting quality services every time. Don’t go in against the airlines alone when seeking reimbursement, go in with someone who knows what they’re doing. Get your money back with any of these incredible flight compensation apps.