Airlines have been canceling many flights as the new variant of COVID-19 has once again started to spread rapidly. The transmission carriers have delayed or cancelled many flights to cease or reduce this year. These cancellations indicate that there will be many more cancellations due to COVID-19. There might even be a complete lockdown resulting in ceased flight operations.

Read till the end to know how the spread of COVID-19 has affected air travel and your right as a passenger if the flight is delayed or cancelled due to COVID-19.

What Are the Policies While Traveling Through Flight During COVID-19 Pandemic?

If your destination is a country that has mandated that the passengers entering show a negative COVID-19 result, many airlines will ask you to deliver a negative report. Just call in and ask the airline how recent the test should be.

For traveling within the EU there are several restrictions relating to COVID-19 that vary depending upon the city you are traveling to and from. These guidelines are regularly updated on the Government sites.

Some countries only ask for proof of vaccination and not a recent COVID-19 test result. But, they do not consider a person fully vaccinated until two weeks after the final dose.

Moreover, most airlines may have made it mandatory for the passengers to wear a mask all the time and even make sure you follow the rules of social distance. Some airlines might also specify to wear a medical-grade mask.

Can Airlines Deny Boarding You Due to COVID-19?

Passengers will find it more difficult to travel internationally and domestically due to the additional flying restrictions imposed because of Covid-19. However, the passenger must check any coronavirus-related traveling and flying regulations and follow them.

Carriers are strictly implementing laws to maintain safety for passengers on board and prevent carrying people who do not match the entry requirements of their destination. You will most likely be refused to board if you do not comply with COVID-19 flight regulations, such as failing to show a negative COVID-19 test, evidence of vaccination, or refusing to wear a mask when required.

Passenger rights organizations view the current Coronavirus pandemic limitations impacting passengers, such as travel bans, lockdowns, and quarantine zones, as an unusual event.

What Are the Rights of Passengers if the Flight Is Cancelled Due to COVID-19?

Since this is an extraordinary situation, you, as a passenger, will not have any right to a refund if COVID-19 is the reason for the cancellation.

When COVID-19 is the reason behind a flight cancellation, there are two options you can choose from: You can either get a full refund of your ticket or ask the airline to rebook you for the next flight available to your destination when the flights are rescheduled.


Thousands of flights are being cancelled because variants of COVID-19 are transmitting rapidly. Airlines can deny boarding you on the plane if you do not follow the regulations implemented due to COVID-19. Many airlines mandate you to show a negative COVID-19 test result.

Furthermore, you must be wearing a mask at all times and abide by the social distancing rules. You can get a full refund for your ticket (these flight cancellation refund companies can help in that regard) or ask the airline to book you for the next flight to your destination.