Air France weighs every piece of checked luggage that enters a plane, but what about carry-on luggage or personal items? While you may need to slot your bags in the holder to prove they can fit, Air France rarely weighs them. Here’s all you need to know.

Carry-on Allotments

What you can bring on the plane with you depends on the type of fare you have. Typically, you are allowed one piece of carry-on luggage and one personal item.

For economy, your items must not exceed 12kg. For business class, they cannot exceed 18kg. However, it is rare that Air France will stop and weigh your carry-on luggage. While it is policy that the bags not be overweight, most will skip weighing them unless it’s very clear that it is overweight, if you were unkind to them, or if they are simply having a bad day.

It is more likely that they will as you to slip your bag into the guide to prove it can fit. If it does not, you will be required to check the bag and may be subject to an additional fee. If this is discovered at the gate or while you are already on the plane, you may not need to pay the fee.


Air France restrictions on how many pieces of luggage and bags you can bring with you on the plane, in addition to how much they can weigh. This does not apply to the duty-free shops, but if the plane runs out of room, you may need to check your items.


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