Depending on your fare, you may be entitled to free checked bags, but sometimes, you need to pack heavy and bring additional bags. You can add more luggage to your booking, but it will cost you. Here’s all you need to know about how much a big is on British Airways.

Baggage Fees

How many bags you can bring depends on your fare. For example, Economy Basic has no free baggage allowance, while you can bring three checked bags for free on first class. You can always add more bags to your reservation, though you are subject to additional fees.

The cost will vary based on how many bags, how much they weigh, if they are oversized or overweight, and other factors. Typically, you can expect to pay between €27 and €200 per bag, though you could be subject to additional fees if the bag is overweight or oversized.

You can purchase additional bags during the booking process, online or in the app, or in person. You will get the bags for slightly cheaper if you buy them in advance online. Keep in mind that you will still be required to weigh your bag when you drop it off. If the bag is too heavy, you may be asked to pay additional fees.

You can also purchase your luggage at the airport for a premium.


How much you will pay for a British Airways bag will depend on how many, how big, and how much the bag weighs. Purchase in advance to get the best rate.


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