Choosing the right airline is essential to ensuring your trip starts on the right foot! Not all airlines are created equal, so you want to do your due diligence – especially if you’re traveling internationally. Here’s a breakdown of the major US airlines that fly internationally.

Remember, not all airlines fly to all the same destinations; however, many are part of airline alliances that allow for codeshare agreements. You can connect with another airline to get to your final destination when this occurs. They handle transferring your luggage, picking the best layover, and more, so all you have to do is show up.

US International Airlines

Not all airlines fly internationally. Some only offer domestic service, so as you consider where you’re going, it’s best not to get your heart set on an airline before you know if they fly there.

American Airlines

After several mergers over the years, American Airlines has the biggest network size. They fly to more than 364 destinations, including 126 international routes across 64 countries. Many of these flights are direct, so you don’t have to worry about layovers and transfers.

United Airlines

United Airlines is another large airline, serving more than 340 destinations across the world. In fact, they have service to all six of the inhabited continents. Outside of Antarctica, you can get where you need to be on United!

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is the third biggest airline in the United States. They serve a total of 326 destinations, though most of those are domestic. Delta Airlines flies 99 international routes across 57 different countries.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines offers more limited international routes than the big three. They typically only serve Mexico, Canada, and Costa Rica. The rest of the 100-plus destinations are domestic, over a total of 115 routes, with more being added year over year.

Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines is a low-cost airline that primarily serves the United States; however, they do offer select international flights, including Canada, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Mexico. They continue to add new routes to their schedule each year.


JetBlue is another affordable airline that’s expanding its reach internationally, offering services to the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. The rest are exclusively offered in the United States, with a total of 100 destinations.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest is a popular choice for passengers looking to get to their destinations cheap and fast, and while they offer 103 routes, only a handful are international. These include Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America.

Other Choices to Fly International

Flying with US-based airlines has its perks, but there are other options. Many international airlines offer service to America, so you can check their schedules if you’re looking for more flexibility in your destination or arrival time. They offer direct flights to select locations, especially if a European airport acts as a hub or focus city for a particular airline.

Direct flights are often preferred, but some routes can be cheaper if you have a layover or if they are based in your destination country. Shop around to get the best price before you set your heart on a specific airline.

So What US Airlines Fly Internationally?

You get the most routes when you fly using American Airlines, United Airlines, and Delta Airlines, but smaller airlines like Alaska, Frontier, JetBlue, and Southwest Airlines fly to more limited locations, particularly in North and Central America and the outlying islands.

Regardless of the limited number of US airlines that fly internationally, you still have options to help get you to your final destination. You don’t have to settle for subpar service to just get to a destination!