I’m sure at some point we’ve either been or made fun of the parent who comes to the airport with pockets upon pockets of belongings. They’re the ones who hold up the security checks as they empty their belongings from every pocket to avoid alerting the metal detector. But is there a method to their madness? What should travelers wear to the airport to make their journey the most efficient it can be?

The Outfit From Head to Toe

It’s always smart to dress for the occasion, even if the occasion is a 7-hour flight across an ocean. It’s always a good idea to come prepared, especially for your flight. So, what is the best outfit to wear when you’re about to embark on your journey across the world? Is it better to have access to tons of space, or comfort for the flight? Well, it all depends on you.

Here are our tips for the best accessories to wear when heading to the airport!


Let’s start with footwear. This is where the initial battle between comfort and practicality commences. Should you wear flip-flops or slides because they’re easy to take off and quite comfortable for the ride? Or are close-toed sneakers the better option?

Many travel experts recommend sneakers for travelers. They can easily be taken off when you’re situated on the plane and ready for the ride, but they offer structure and security should you need to rush through the airport to catch your flight. Sneakers are comfortable in their own right and allow for ample movement throughout the journey to your plane.


This is where the biggest debates are sparked between comfort and use. Should I go for the pockets or can I wear sweatpants and stay comfortable? It all depends on the situation you find yourself in. When traveling, you’re going to need to have a few things readily accessible at all times: a passport, boarding pass, wallet, and phone should always be there when you need them.

Having tons of pockets allows you to carry all of these and to bring them out when asked at security or when boarding. If you have children coming with you, then you should carry their important belongings as well so that they don’t lose them. If this is the situation you find yourself in, then the more pockets the merrier! Chances are that pockets will be better, but if you have the chance to wear sweatpants, we’re not going to stop you.


The shirt you wear to the airport should be comfortable and breathable. There are few situations in which you’ll need another pocket in your shirt so you shouldn’t have to worry about adding on that last storage slot. Go for comfort in this category and enjoy your nap on the plane as best you can.


Make note of the temperature of your destination as well as where you’re taking off from. If it’s cold in either of those places, then bring a jacket along with you. If you’re prone to getting cold in general, then bring one for the flight. Jackets offer the bonus of more pockets which, as you can probably tell by now, is an important addition to any traveler’s arsenal of tools.

However, if you’re unlikely to get cold on the flight, flying on a summer day to a tropical destination, and have plenty of pocket space already, then leave the jacket at home. It’s always good to leave unnecessary items behind when traveling so that you don’t lose or damage them.


Bring a watch and leave all other accessories in the bags. The less you have to tote along, the better. Belts, necklaces, earrings, rings, and other wristbands will have to be removed at a security point which can take quite a while. Leave them in a bag and only worry about your watches if you can!