Airports are sprawling jungles of concrete and steel, packed with thousands of stressed-out inhabitants, rushing to get to their flight on time, each one just as confused as you are on where to go. All of this is to say that we get it, airports are confusing, and navigating one to find your gate in time for your flight can be quite stressful.

Luckily, we’re here to help with a comprehensive guide on how to navigate throughout any airport. Most airports follow a transnational set of rules and guidelines so that these tips and tricks can be applied almost anywhere. Never miss a flight again because you went to the wrong wing of the airport – follow along with our helpful tips and understand an airport like never before.

Study Up Beforehand

Entering the airport without any knowledge of your flight is a huge mistake. For starters, most airports organize themselves so that passengers should enter based on the airline their flying with. This way you enter the airport in the exact spot you need to check your luggage. Once you’ve checked your luggage, follow the signs to security and start the waiting process.

If you’re well aware of your information beforehand, you can better prepare yourself for finding your gate. You should notice that your plane ticket comes with a gate number and letter. Identify these values and follow the signs towards your gate. If you have your gate and airline memorized beforehand, you won’t need to break and figure out where to go. The airport makes it simple to follow along and discover where to go.

Follow the Signs

As mentioned, almost every airport utilizes similar rules and signage to guide passengers in the right direction. As you’re arriving at the airport, you’ll likely encounter tons of signs that designated which passengers should enter the building based on the airline. Once you’re in, it will be difficult to miss the signs pointing you to security.

The same can be said for finding your gate. As long as your head is up and on a swivel, it should be simple to locate your gate and understand where to go. Some airports organize themselves into wings – this is typical for larger airports. When this happens, you may need to follow signs pointing you to specific wings of the airport before you can find your gate.

For the above instance, if your gate is B17, find the B-wing of the airport and then search for gate 17. There will be plenty of signs pointing you in the right direction.

Keeping Up to Date With Arrival Times

Throughout the airport, there will be many departure monitors for you to scan and figure out the status of your flight. If there’s a delay, you can find out by looking at these signs. Cancellations will also be updated on these departure boards. If your gate is changed, you’ll be notified either via the loudspeaker or by checking on the departure boards.

Navigating an airport does have to be difficult. As long as you know where to look for information, you should be just fine!