Getting through airport security is a manor hassle these days. While the security systems were tightened significantly after 9/11, COVID-19 has now added new rules to the list of regulations to be followed at an airport. Whether you are boarding a flight after several years or are a frequent flyer, getting stuck in line at the airport security is the last thing you want. Whether it’s the buckle of your belt, metallic studs on your shoes, or loose change in your bag, the machine beeping as you pass through the metal detector can not only delay you for your flight but also be the cause for additional anxiety.

While getting bottlenecked in a security line is annoying, there are several ways to ensure you get through security faster at an airport. If you want to know how to save time at an airport while going through the security line, we will tell you some simple tips you can practice to fly through customs, security, and baggage claim at the airport. So let’s get started!

  • Prepare Before You Reach The Airport

The first thing to do is to prepare before you reach the airport. Before your flight, print out a list of items not allowed on flights and check off the items that you have in your carry-on. Make sure you are not carrying items your flight does not permit. For instance, many airlines do not allow sharp objects such as pen knives and screwdrivers, liquids more than 3oz, and flammable aerosol containers such as deodorants. While these may seem harmless enough, airport security officers may not allow you to pass through if you have them in your carry-on.

  • Keep Your Documents Safe & Accessible

Everyone knows they should have their ID on them. But something about the hustle and bustle of the airport and the panic-induced packing and unpacking can make you misplace the important documents. You must have often seen people in line emptying their pockets and bags, trying to find their passports. This will also waste a lot of your time and the time of passengers stuck in line behind you. The easy way to not make this mistake is to have a small accessible pouch for your ID, passport, boarding pass, vaccination certificates, and other important documents. So when they ask for your identification, there is no need to rifle through all the pockets and bags to find it!

  • Shoes

After Richard Reid tried to detonate a bomb on a flight, airport security systems have added a new clause to passing through security: you need to remove your shoes. While this may not be implemented everywhere, several airports worldwide practice this. If the airport you are flying from has this rule, you don’t want to spend a chunk of your time unlacing your boots or undoing complicated buckles and straps. Wear a pair of slip-ons that are easy to wear and take off. In the interest of hygiene and safety, make sure to wear socks, as you can hurt yourself being barefoot after removing your shoes.


Airports have tightened their security significantly since 9/11. Many of the measures added can be a hassle for a first-time traveller and waste a lot of time if you have items in your carry-on that are not allowed. Often gift-wrapped packages are also opened by members of the airport security if they want to check what’s inside. An easy way to tackle this is shipping your luggage beforehand, especially if you are travelling during the holiday season. If your luggage is over the weight limit, paying for it at the airport can be expensive and time-consuming. By following some simple tips, you can ensure easy navigation through airport customs and security.