Travel across the world has never been easier. Hopping from the United States to Japan can be done in a matter of hours and every day it just gets easier. With the ability to fly from one country to another with such ease, it may come as a surprise at how few international airports there are in the United States. For some travelers, it could take longer to get to the closest international airport than it would to just drive to your destination.

So, how many international airports are in the US? Let’s take a look at data offered by the Department of Transportation in order to find out just how many international airports can be found within the United States. We can also check out how many airports, in general, can be found – these numbers are quite contrasting when compared to one another.

International Ports of Entry

To find out how many international airports there are in the United States, we need to take a look at the number of international Ports of Entry. These are ports that accept international travel from abroad and can be considered points of first landing. The list of ports of entry maintained by the Department of Transportation includes seaports, airports, and land crossings.

The total number of international points of entry in the US is about 330. With that in mind, this number is fluctuating every year. Most of the time, this number grows as more and more travelers necessitate more ports of entry. It should also be noted that the number offered is more than just international airports. However, this 330 number gives us a much tighter idea of how many airports there are.

How Many of These Are Airports?

When you take a look at each state/territory that hosts an international airport, there is a bit of mental math that needs to take place. Almost every state hosts an international airport – some host two – and Washington D.C. When looking at each state and the airports they host, the total number of international airports in the US comes out to be 118 as of 2018. This data could be out-of-date, but it will only be off by one or two as few changes are made to this list.

Breaking Down the Numbers

That’s a shockingly low number when you first think about it but once you break it down a bit, it begins to make sense. As was mentioned, each state has about one or two international airports, so it was always likely to be a pretty low count. Even with this low number, the United States is still one of, if not, the most populated nations in terms of international airports. Let’s take a look at some other interesting numbers related to the United States airports.

Total Airports

The total number of airports within the United States is massive compared to the number of international ones. There are 19,919 total airports within the US territory. These account for international airports, private airports, and regional public airports.

Private Use

Of those near 20,000 airports, a majority of them are private and require consent from the owner for the general public to land at. 14,702 of the above-listed airports are privately owned and operated – this is the most it has ever been since 1990 when this data was first tracked.

Public Use

5,217 of those airports are opened to the public for usage. This number is lower than in 1990 when this data was initially tracked. More and more airports are being switched over to private usage.