Passing airport security is not a cakewalk if you’re carrying the wrong items. To clear airport security, you need to abide by all the airport rules and regulations. Anything found in your carry-on that is restricted by the airport security staff, will make things worse for you.

Now, the burning question: Do you need to take out chargers for airport security?

You will get your answer in a while as you scroll down. So, let’s dive into the details before the panic sets in.

Do You Need To Take Out Chargers For Airport Security?

The answer is No! You don’t have to remove the chargers if they’re in your carry-on or luggage. You can keep the chargers in your carry-on as well as hand luggage.

These electronic devices are not included in the restricted item list by any airport in the world. However, some exceptional cases where the TSA agents or airport security staff might ask you to remove the chargers.

Why Do You Need To Take Out Chargers For Airport Security?

Any charger that has built-in rechargeable batteries such as power banks needs to be removed from the luggage. You can hand-carry them, and the TSA agent might ask you to place them in a separate bin. Only a regular phone charger and cord are allowed in your check-in luggage.

Another reason airport security staff or TSA agents ask you to remove chargers from the luggage is that the number of chargers might be large. A large number of chargers can disrupt the X-ray scanner.

How Do The TSA Agents Decide Which Devices To Test And How Do They Test Them?

First, the electronic devices containing batteries need to be removed from the checked-in luggage for scanning as directed by TSA officials. However, if the Lithium-ion battery is less than 100 watts/hour, you can pack the device in your check-in luggage. Second, there shouldn’t be any loose lithium-ion battery of any type and size in the checked-in luggage.

TSA scans electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, phones, and more by placing them in a separate bin and passing them through the X-ray scanner.

If you don’t want to be in the queue where TSA agents thoroughly examine the checked-in luggage, you can always apply for the TSA Precheck.


Airport security staff and TSA agents prioritize the passenger’s security. Transportation Security Administration has placed scanning equipment and utilizes advanced technology to protect passengers from unpleasant incidents. Airport security and hijacking are two major concerns of TSA for which they might need to scan you and your luggage thoroughly.

Thus, to avoid nuisance, it is essential to check all the security guidelines regarding what to keep in your luggage and hand-carry. We also recommend you cooperate with the TSA agents for everyone’s security.