We all need to travel and sometimes, there’s a warrant out for our arrest while we’re trying to get out of the country. Not all warrants are justified, so it’s important that this information be readily available to someone who needs it. Can you fly when there’s a warrant out for your arrest? The short answer is yes, but it’s going to be a stressful experience.

We’ll be taking a look through the many aspects of traveling and airport security to determine whether or not the airport will check for any warrants that you may have. Traveling is already stressful enough, but if you’re trying to avoid detention via warrant, it becomes even more strenuous on a person.

Preventing Threats Not Enforcing Law

Let’s start out by looking at what the responsibility of airport security really is. While it can seem as though they’re a type of police that can arrest you if you’re found to be wanted, the reality is that they’re just there to prevent terror threats. If they find a bomb, weapon, or another form of contraband, they’ll detain and arrest you. However, they’re not there to enforce the law otherwise.

That means that if you have a warrant out for your arrest, airport security doesn’t have a way of finding out. They don’t check for warrants in the first place and the only way they’d be able to discover your wanted level is if you slip up and get in trouble otherwise. Airport security is there to do a job and finding warrants are not part of that job.

Scanning Your ID

But what about scanning your passport or ID? There must be some way to discover your warrant via that process, right? Well, no. There isn’t any database that airport security has access to which alerts them to warrants as of now. If your passport or ID is being scanned, you should be fine and likely won’t be discovered when passing through security.

However, if you don’t have your ID with you, the airport security might have to refer you to police for them to do a background check or deeper ID dive to confirm your identity. If this is the case, they’ll likely discover that you have a warrant out for your arrest and will detain you. To avoid this, be sure to bring your passport, ID, and plane ticket with you to airport security.

How Wanted Are You?

The warrant level could have an effect how easy you are to find. If you’re on a wanted list, then security cameras will probably be able to identify you. But at least your warrant won’t be what gives you away in that case, right? If you’ve been apprehended before, you might be denied a passport for international travel making it impossible to board a plane in the first place.

In both of these cases, you’ll notice that it wasn’t your warrant that gave you away. Airports do not check for warrants, but the more wanted you are, the easier you are to spot. Serious offenders might already have law enforcement on their tail, aware that they’re about to travel abroad. Searching this article might be a hint to them that you’re trying to fly out.

Ways in Which You Can Be Caught

So even though they’re not necessarily searching for your warrant, there are still way in which you can be caught and apprehended. If you get into any trouble with security, they’ll likely apprehend you and search your history. Once you’ve been detained by airport security, chances are law enforcement will be made aware of any warrants you have and will arrest you. Stay out of trouble when traveling with a warrant.