claimcompass-800x400airhelp-800x400 has a simple process for getting you compensation making them quite easy to use. They only charge a 30% service fee which is about standard for the industry while offering a timeline of 8-16 weeks. Reviews of this company are standard with an 81% approval rating by clients.

Airhelp offers a little more money back to clients as Claimcompass but for the same service fee of 30%. The service Airhelp provides usually take from 6 to 12 weeks. User reviews seem to favor AirHelp as well.


Claimcompass vs Airhelp comparison


Company Country Average Claim Success Fee Time frame
Claimcompass United States flag 300€ 88€ – 210€ 8 – 16 weeks
Full review
Airhelp Germany flag 320€ 75€ – 180€ 6 – 12 weeks
Full review