airhelp-800x400flightright-800x400 company is one of the best available online. They charge a 35% service fee but the quality service they offer is worth the cost. The average compensation you can expect is around 320€ per case and a wait time of around 8-16 weeks. Airhelp is above average on most factors of the industry. company charges a 30% service fee and can promise around the same amount of cash in 8-14 weeks. Their promises seem to be better for a lower price, but many of the reviews tend to favor Airhelp’s quality service. Flightright is still a fantastic option to have by your side.


Airhelp vs Flightright comparison


CompanyCountryAverage ClaimSuccess FeeTime frame
AirhelpPoland flag320€87€ – 210€8 – 16 weeks
Full review
Germany flag320€  75€ – 180€8 – 16 weeks
Full review