Updated on February 5, 2024.
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A recent Tik Tok video went viral showing showing a cabrin crew member print money on an airplane, leaving many to question can airplanes really print money? The short answer is no. It’s illegal for anyone to print money except the country and its currency agency. But why were they printing money? Here’s all you need to know.

Key Takeaways

  • The viral TikTok video showing a cabin crew member seemingly printing money was a mere prank. In reality, airplanes’ printers are meant for generating essential flight documents and reports, and they cannot produce currency.
  • The incident underscores the potential for misinformation to spread rapidly on social media platforms. It’s crucial for users to critically assess information and verify its accuracy before accepting it as truth.
  • The article highlights the legal and ethical implications of counterfeiting, even if done as a joke. Engaging in such activities can lead to severe penalties and pose financial risks to unsuspecting individuals who may unknowingly receive counterfeit currency.
  • Content creators should be mindful of the potential consequences of their posts. A joke or prank that goes viral may lead to unintended misunderstandings, emphasizing the need for responsible social media sharing.
  • Misunderstandings about money printing on airplanes reveal the importance of financial literacy. Educating individuals about how currency systems work can help dispel myths and promote informed financial decisions.

Can Airplanes Really Print Money?

There’s a printer on board an aircraft so the crew can print important documents like reports, avionics status, and more. You simply need to enter a few commands to get them printed. The technology is a little outdated, so you can’t print just anything. You have to know the commands to do so, making it look a little magical.

So when you saw the flight crew member printing money in her TIkTok, she was doing so as a prank. She entered the commands and pre-loaded the printer with the bank note. Once the command was entered, it spit out the bill – complete with the stamping that marked it as a real bill – making it look like the airplane can print money.

However, that is simply not the case. While it would be exciting if airplanes could print money, they can only print documents that are relevant to the flight from the aircraft.

Why Did She Pretend to Print Money?

Can Airplanes Print Money

The TikTok was intended to go viral – and it did! The flight crew member likely made the video as a joke, but it quickly took off. What started as a prank for her coworkers quickly spiraled out of control, with more than 50 million people watching and wondering how that worked.

The user got the attention she was hoping for in the quick 20 second video, and pilots around the world joined in on the joke, confirming they could in fact print money in the comments. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Not only is it not possible to print money in the plane, it would also be illegal to do so.

Printing unofficial currency is counterfeit, and you could get in serious trouble for doing so. Even if you are printing it as a joke, you could unintentionally give it to someone who isn’t paying attention and would try to pass it as legitimate. It is not recommended that you attempt to print real money to fool anyone.

Depending on the country or state, you could face serious fines and even jail time if the authorities think that you were trying to counterfeit money.


While it would be nice for airplanes and airlines to print money, it is not possible. Only the country can print its own currency, which is a way to control inflation. The video was a joke, intended for views on social media. It quickly caught on, spreading wide and forcing many to wonder if it’s possible.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to stop at the bank or ATM before you get on a flight to get cash. You cannot get it from the cockpit printer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the viral TikTok video real, or was it entirely staged?

The TikTok video showing a cabin crew member apparently printing money on an airplane was staged and not real. Airplanes do not have the capability to print currency.

  • What can the printers on airplanes actually print?

The printers onboard airplanes are used for generating essential flight-related documents, such as reports and avionics status updates. They are not designed to produce currency or any items unrelated to flight operations.

  • Can airplanes legally print money in emergencies or for specific purposes?

No, airplanes cannot legally print money under any circumstances. Only authorized government agencies in respective countries have the legal authority to print currency as a measure to control inflation and maintain the stability of the monetary system.

  • What are the consequences of counterfeiting money, even as a joke?

Counterfeiting money, whether intended as a joke or not, is a serious offense. Engaging in such illegal activities can lead to severe legal penalties, including fines and possible jail time. Additionally, passing off counterfeit money as genuine can cause financial losses to unsuspecting recipients.

  • How can I avoid spreading misinformation on social media?

To avoid spreading misinformation on social media, it is essential to critically evaluate content before sharing it. Verify the information from reliable sources and refrain from sharing content that might perpetuate misconceptions or false beliefs. Responsible social media usage plays a crucial role in preventing the spread of misinformation.