Millions of people decided to travel to their homes through airplanes this holiday season, but not all could make it as several flights got cancelled. Around 8000 flights got cancelled by January alone in Europe. Approximately 7,519 flight cancellations occurred in a day worldwide in the holiday season.

Why is this happening? The reasons for cancellation are many, including the rapid spread of the Omicron virus, extremely cold weather, etc. Read along to know many other reasons.

Winter Storms

It is not safe for the passengers and the crew in the aircraft to fly during the winter storms as strong winds and snowstorms decrease the ability of the pilot to see. Furthermore, when snow accumulates over certain parts of an aircraft, it can disturb the plane’s aerodynamics, causing several mechanical issues.

Thousands of flights got cancelled at the beginning of February due to the winter storm across much of the United States.

Growing Cases of Omicron

Growth in the cases of Omicrons has disrupted many flights worldwide. The flights were cancelled or delayed when the staff members called in sick at the last hours.

Flight suspensions were most common in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Although financial advantages were given by airlines to persuade staff to work overtime over the holidays, many workers refused to work longer hours aboard overcrowded flights, risking having to deal with angry passengers or contracting COVID-19 themselves.

Transportation authorities and the Federal Aviation Administration stated last week that human resources shortages caused by an outbreak of Omicron infections were disrupting activities, with workers, including air traffic controllers, reporting ill and being quarantined.

Other Reasons

While most flights are being cancelled due to Omicron and winter storms, other common reasons are also.

A few of them got cancelled due to maintenance and mechanical issues in the aircraft. Another small number of cancellations were due to the crew arriving late.

If you’re about to fly in a few days and fear that your flight may be cancelled, do not stress. Airlines usually rebook you for the next flight available to your destination for cancelled flights.


You might be hearing about many flights being cancelled nowadays. Around 90% of the time, flights are cancelled due to extreme weather making the airplanes unable to take off due to safety reasons. Furthermore, growth in the Omicron cases now also makes up a part of that 90%.

Many flights were cancelled due to the variant of the virus when staff members called in sick or refused to work overtime as they feared catching the virus from other passengers.

Another 10% of the flights are cancelled due to common reasons such as mechanical issues, staff shortages, or crew coming in late.

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