A  flight delay can cause you to miss out on crucial events.

However, rule EC 261 might help you if you were traveling from or to Europe. According to the regulation, you may be entitled to a €250 – €600 recompense if you miss your connecting flight which results in a delay of at least three hours.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about missing a connecting flight due to a delay. Does the airline rebook you? Are you entitled to any compensation? Requirements to claim EC 261 compensation and more.

What to Do if You Miss Your Connection Due to Delayed Flight?

If you miss your connecting flight due to a delay, the airline will book you for the next available flight without charging any fee provided that the connecting flight is part of the same booking.

If you are traveling on two separate bookings, then there are two ways to reach your final destination:

  1. Either you ask the airline to rebook you for the next available flight to your destination, however, it will not be free of charge.
  2. Or you look for another flight yourself from any other airline. However, it may cost more than usual or you may even struggle to find one as it will be a last-minute reservation.

Airlines generally arrange a hotel and provide you with food vouchers if you have to wait for a delayed flight. Still, you should keep in mind that there’s no legal agreement on the airline’s part to offer any accomodation. If that’s the case, you’ll need to book an accommodation yourself.

When Can You Claim EC 261 Compensation?

To claim EC 261 compensation, you must fulfill all of the following conditions:

  • The disturbance because of which you missed your flight was within the control of the airline. Meaning, weather conditions do not fall under the regulation.
  • The flight either landed in Europe (on the condition that the airline is headquartered in Europe) or your plane took off in Europe (through any airline).
  • The connecting flights were bought as part of the same ticket, not separately.
  • The connection was missed because of the cancellation, delay, or an overbooked flight.
  • You didn’t miss the flight because of the situations under your control (for example, you didn’t have the required documents or showed up late).
  • In the instance of a delayed flight, you were nearly three hours late reaching your final location because of the missed connection.

Remember, it makes no difference if the airline has previously offered you a replacement flight. However, claiming your EC 261 compensation is a tiring process and you might even have to go to court if the airline refuses. Seeing this, most people don’t even bother. However, there are companies that make the claim on your part and all you have to do is fill in the flight details and they handle the rest. They only keep a tiny percent of the total compensation.

How Distance Is Calculated for Missed Connection Compensation Claims?

The compensation for a missed connection is calculated considering the length of the trip and not the leg you missed, meaning that the airline may also include the legs before the disturbance. Furthermore, they might even be responsible for the other flights affected by the delay caused by them.


Did you miss your connecting flight due to the delay caused by the airline? Don’t worry, you will be rebooked for the next flight to your destination, free of charge, as long as you purchased the connecting flights as a part of the same reservation.

However, if the delay was on your part, you will not be rebooked for free.

You can check out this page to find out companies that will help you with issues related to flight delay compensations.