IfDelayed.com is out of business again.

Ifdelayed.com was a flight compensation company that worked to get you compensated for cancelled, overbooked, and delayed flights within the European Union under the Flight Compensation Act of 2004. IfDelayed could also open cases for flights that happened up to six years ago, and under the Flight Compensation Act, you may be eligible for up to £540 in compensation.


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Ifdelayed.com was founded in Sweden and is a highly reviewed flight compensation company. It does not cost anything to begin a claim, and they only charge their fee if they were successful in getting you compensated.

Ifdelayed.com overview

OVERALL RANK: #31 out of 34
USABILITY: Not working
REVIEWS: 9.1 out of 10 on TrustPilot

Our Ifdelayed.com review

IfDelayed is a highly reviewed and appreciated flight compensation company. While some reviewers mentioned that they would prefer a more straightforward website with more correspondence and updates, most of their customers are happy with the simplicity and efficiency of the service offered by IfDelayed. In 2018 as a response to some of their customers requests for more updates, IfDelayed launched a customer portal that makes it easier to access information and updates on the progress of each claim. They say that they strive to keep you updated with information about the claim as soon as they become aware, and if there are any further questions, they are accessible through many forms of communication and social media platforms.

Airlines lose money when they have to pay out for flight delays, so they try to make the process difficult and demanding for the average passenger. Companies like IfDelayed make this process simpler and faster and will only charge you their fee if they successfully win your compensation from the airlines. IfDelayed is an industry leader, and they work hard to ensure their customers are satisfied, which is reflected in their extremely high customer feedback ratings. Generally, it takes them 1 to 10 weeks to get in touch with airlines, but if airlines refuse to compensate IfDelayed will continue with the case and take them to court on your behalf. They continue to use all of their time and resources at no charge to the customer until they have secured compensation from airlines.

Other things to know about Ifdelayed.com:

  • IfDelayed was founded in Sweden.
  • IfDelayed charges a fee of 30% including the Value Added Tax. Their commission is the same every time.
  • IfDelayed has been featured on Dagens Industri, Travel News, Expressen, Breakit, Aftonbladet, and Sveriges radio.

Ifdelayed.com Pros

  • IfDelayed is easy to contact. They are available through their helpline, website chat, email, postal address, and in person at their headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

  • IfDelayed has a score of 9.1 out of 10 on Trustpilot, and 4.9 out of 5 on Facebook.

  • They have dealt with each airline and provide information about every airline’s process on their website.

  • IfDelayed works as efficiently as they can to get claims and compensation sorted.

Ifdelayed.com Cons

  • Reviewers say that their website is not user friendly enough, and they are not able to make any edits to claims.

  • They are sometimes slow to respond.

  • If the compensation is not paid in Euro, there will be a currency exchange fee.

Ifdelayed.com flight compensation

Short flights

  • Flights up to 932 miles

Mid ranged flights

  • Flights from 932 to 2175 miles

Long flights

  • Flights more than 2175 miles

Ifdelayed.com fee

Short flights

£68Success fee

Mid ranged flights

£109Success fee

Long flights

£163Success fee

Is Ifdelayed.com trustworthy?

Definitely yes.

This Ifdelayed.com review was updated in 2024.

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