Flightdelaypay is a company based in England that fights for compensation for their customers who have experienced problems in their flight travel. These problems include canceled flights, flights delayed for over three hours, and overbooking. They claim to have the lowest fee of all reputable compensation companies and offer to match any fee if it is lower than theirs. It is easy to book a claim on their website by just filling in the four easy boxes they provide.



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They then work on the customer’s behalf to gain their compensation and have successfully completed over 5000 claims.

Flightdelaypay.com overview

OVERALL RANK: #18 out of 34
USABILITY: Easy to use
REVIEWS: 92% are five star “Excellent” reviews
OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Flightdelaypay.com

Our Flightdelaypay.com review

Flightdelaypay.com review

Flightdelaypay is a company based out of the United Kingdom, specifically England, that fights on behalf of their customers to gain compensation for any losses that happened due to a missed flight or delayed flight. Their website is vibrant, easy to navigate, and offers many tools to their customers including a flight calculator, distance calculator, blog, and frequently asked questions section. They also have an option to call or chat with a representative which makes for easy customer service. They claim to be the lowest rates of any flight compensation company because they do not charge VAT on top of their 25%, but they still charge the standard 25% as well as a fee of £22 per passenger per claim. They do not have very many reviews on Trustpilot or Facebook reviews so it is hard to gauge accurate customer opinions of them, but overall their reviews are highly favorable. They also boast that 70% of their claims are completed within 30 days, which is much faster than their competitors. In addition, they only speak English which limits the potential availability for their customers. Overall, Flightdelaypay seems like an average flight compensation company despite their claims of being the cheapest and quickest, but they still seem to be a good option for those who have requested their service.

Other things to know about Flightdelaypay.com

  • Country: Located in England
  • Success fee: 25% commission fee of the money you are awarded
  • Average compensation time: Claim 70% of their cases are settled within 30 days
  • Languages spoken: English
  • When it was established: 2015
  • Overall reputation: Overall, customers seem to like working with their service although not many have reviewed them
  • Reviews from customers: They do not have many reviews on Trustpilot or Facebook Reviews, but the reviews that they do have are mostly positive. Customers find them helpful, responsive, fast, and honest. Most customers say they would use their services again.

Flightdelaypay.com Pros

  • Flightdelaypay does not charge VAT on top of the 25% commission fee, which means you receive more of your money compared to most of their competitors.

  • They claim to have speedy results.

  • Flightdelaypay has a blog on their website to update travellers on the latest news.

  • They have a friendly staff with a website chat option.

  • Flightdelaypay provides educational resources for their customers such as a claim calculator and information on their rights.

Flightdelaypay.com Cons

  • They do not have many reviews so their reputation is not completely known.

  • They only speak English.

  • They do charge an admin fee of 25 euros per passenger.

  • They do not have a 24 hour service.

  • Customers say they do not provide a good follow-up communication and updates on the claims.

Flightdelaypay.com flight compensation

Short flights

  • Flights up to 932 miles

Mid ranged flights

  • Flights from 932 to 2175 miles

Long flights

  • Flights more than 2175 miles

Flightdelaypay.com fee

Short flights

£56Success fee

Mid ranged flights

£90Success fee

Long flights

£136Success fee

Is Flightdelaypay.com trustworthy?

Yes, you can definitely trust them.

This Flightdelaypay.com review was updated in 2024.

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