Euclaim is a claims handling company for getting flight compensation from airlines for unexpected customer issues, such as flight cancellations or delays. According to EU261 regulation act, airline customers are entitled to compensation in the case of airline delays or cancellations which inhibit these customers from reaching their destinations or connecting flights.




Unfortunately, these grievances are more and more common, and even more unfortunately, airlines are less willing to compensate customers that experience such events. Often, the verbiage is “extraordinary circumstances” occurred, and the airlines could not have helped the situation. But Euclaim claims otherwise, and will fight in court to get customers compensated. overview

OVERALL RANK: #24 out of 34
USABILITY: Easy to use
REVIEWS: 76% are five star “Excellent” reviews

Our review review

Overall, Euclaim seems to be a mixed bag. They have a really nice website that is easy to interact with, they have many years of experience, and offer some of the best compensation. But, their administration fee really dampens the reviews they’ve received, and they’ve limited their customer base to only 3 of the 24 languages spoken in the European Union. That being said, in general, their results are very reliable and they win claims in court with almost complete certainty. Euclaim has won claims for over 500,000 passengers, and been doing so for over a decade. Despite the administration fee, choosing Euclaim as your claim handling provider will almost always result in money back in your pocket. There’s no guarantee on timeframe, as there never is in the claims handling industry, however, with Euclaim’s easy to interact with site, claim holders will be able to track the progress of their claims the whole way. Reliability, friendliness, and ease of communication are three of the pillars of which Euclaim has built their business. Choosing Euclaim would be a wise choice for anyone who wants transparency in the legal process and security in knowing that their claim is being handled with the utmost care.

Other things to know about

  • Compensation claims for up to £540, with most claims concluding within 6 months.
  • The cost of the service provided by Euclaim is 25% plus a £22 administration fee, however unsuccessful claims do not result in any cost.
  • Euclaim maintains at least three forms of communication: email, telephone, and website chat.
  • Reviews are mixed, with mostly happy customers, others upset about difficulties in communication.
  • Their website is simple to use, with a pleasing layout.
  • Euclaim offers three languages to customers: English, German, and Dutch. Pros

  • Their biggest pro is by far their website layout and ability to answer initial inquires. With three forms of communication, there should be no reason to not get a response from one of the team members quickly.

  • They offer some of the highest compensation results compared to other claims companies.

  • They have over a decade of experience, much more than many other claims startups.

  • Euclaim has been mentioned on reputable business magazines. Cons

  • Euclaim has some of the lowest rated reviews for an airline claims company.

  • Unlike many other claims companies, Euclaim charges an additional €25 fee for administration costs.

  • They lack language diversity, only offering three languages. flight compensation

Short flights

  • Flights up to 932 miles

Mid ranged flights

  • Flights from 932 to 2175 miles

Long flights

  • Flights more than 2175 miles fee

Short flights

£56Success fee

Mid ranged flights

£90Success fee

Long flights

£136Success fee

Is trustworthy?

Yes, you can definitely trust them.

This review was updated in 2024.

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