Airadvisor is a flight compensation company that seeks to provide compensation to their clients who have experienced a flight delay, missed a flight due to a delay or some other airline fault, or had a flight cancelled entirely. Thousands of flights are delayed or cancelled every year, making the possibility of experiencing one greater than most people expect.

While airline passengers have the legal right to compensation in the case of airline inconvenience, airlines are reluctant to pay up. Airadvisor makes the legal case for their clients. With high success rates, they win back compensation.


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OVERALL RANK: #10 out of 34
USABILITY: Very easy to use
REVIEWS: 9.2/10 from over 130 reviews at Trust Pilot

Our review

Airadvisor is a standard airline compensation provider. They’ve helped over a thousand clients receive compensation for issues in flight delays and cancellations. Their website is easy to navigate, and their FAQ answers seem concise and informative. Their success fee is nothing lofty but rather an industry standard 25%, taken after the case is won. With a success rate of 98%, most clients can feel assured that by choosing Airadvisor they will almost certainly receive some amount of compensation. Since compensation ranges £230 – 360, potential clients can calculate quite quickly how much Airadvisor will compensate them. Although wait times for compensation can seem lengthy, being between roughly 2 months to a year, this is largely due to the laws around when compensation must be dulled out by airlines, and less to do with the Airadvisor team. While it would be nice for Airadvisor to expand their scope of customers to include more EU languages, the five they offer is still inclusive compared to other airline compensation companies. Overall, choosing Airadvisor would be a wise choice for anyone looking for an average sized payout at very little risk of losing their case.

Other things to know about

  • Average compensation ranges from £230 – 360, while the compensation is generally received within 8 weeks to 1 year.
  • Airadvisor receives a flat success fee of 30%, when the compensation is distributed.
  • They offer three forms of contact: phone number, email, website messenger.
  • According to Trust Pilot, a company reviewer site, Airadvisor receives a 9.2/10 from over 100 reviews.
  • Their site is easy to navigate and offers a free 2-minute service to discover if a past flight is entitled to compensation.
  • The languages they support are English, Russian, Romanian, Ukrainian, and Polish.

Airadvisor Pros

  • Airadvisor boasts a success rate of 98%.

  • Their website is easy to navigate, with the FAQ answering most questions potential clients might have.

  • Clients have 24-hour access to information about their case.

  • Their website chat window can help potential clients receive answers in real-time.

  • Standard success fee of 25%.

Airadvisor Cons

  • Their website’s blog page seems a bit irrelevant to the service they provide.

  • Compensation wait times can be up to a year.

  • Their “special offers” page does not always show special offers.

  • Airadvisor only accepts cases which have occurred within the last 3 years.

  • They support only 5 of the 24 languages spoken in the EU. flight compensation

Short flights

  • Flights up to 932 miles

Mid ranged flights

  • Flights from 932 to 2175 miles

Long flights

  • Flights more than 2175 miles fee

Short flights

£68Success fee

Mid ranged flights

£109Success fee

Long flights

£163Success fee

Is trustworthy?

Yes, you can definitely trust Airadvisor.

This review was updated in 2024.

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