is the best of the best in our opinion. With an 88% excellent rating by their clients, SkyCop can nearly guarantee satisfaction when working with them. Their website is easy to use and will help make the process quick and simple. They charge a service fee of 25% and work within a time frame of 6-12 weeks. They are one of the cheapest and quickest compensation companies available.

In our opinion, company isn’t as great as SkyCop, but their services are still extremely good. They offer clients around the same amount of cash back as SkyCop does for a slightly higher service fee of 35%. Their time frame is a few weeks longer as well. AirHelp will have your back when working with them as they have an 87% excellent rating by their clients. vs Comparison of 2024

Company Country Average Claim Success Fee Time frame
Lithuania flag £292 £68 – £163 6 – 12 weeks
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Airhelp Germany flag £289 £80 – £190 8 – 14 weeks
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