Gatwick Airport has a North and South terminal, and at times it can be difficult to navigate. This is especially true when it comes to flying with TUI. TUI flights can be found at both the North and South terminal, so you’ll have to look at your ticket when you check in to be sure which one you are flying out of.

  • North Terminal: Flights that begin with TOM will operate from the North Terminal. You can also participate in early bag drop (up to 24 hours before your flight) or self-service bag drop at Gatwick Airport.
  • South Terminal: Flight numbers that start with BY will operate from the South Terminal. You cannot participate in these additional activities at this time, but be sure to check in online prior to approval and leave plenty of time to check your bag and pass through airport security before your flight.

It is easy to get to each terminal via public transportation (train, bus, coach) if you don’t want to fight the traffic. You can also take a car or taxi to get there. There is plenty of parking available should you need to leave a vehicle overnight.

Is there a TUI Premium Lounge Available at Gatwick?

For those who are flying TUI Premium, there is a lounge available for you to wait in if you do not wish to wait at your gate. You can also stay at one of the two additional on-site hotels for an additional charge, regardless of the terminal.


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