Traveling with your personal toiletries can make you feel a little bit more comfortable, and that includes all of your oral hygiene essentials. For some, that includes an electric toothbrush. Because they include lithium batteries, you may be wondering how to travel with one. Can you pack it in your checked luggage? Or do you have to check it?

Depending on the wattage of the lithium battery, it should be approved to travel in both your checked and carry-on luggage. Here’s all you need to know.

How to Travel with Lithium Batteries

Fortunately, most electronics use lithium batters, so travel restrictions have loosened. However, there are still some in place.

  • Less than 100 wH: You can travel with these freely in checked and carry-on luggage. You may carry spares only in your carry-on. They cannot be in checked luggage.
  • More than 100 wH: You can travel with these freely in checked and carry-on luggage. You can carry two spares in carry-on luggage, but you cannot check spaces. You do need airline approval to travel with these items.

Any higher wH are not allowed on TUI flights. If you have any questions on what you can and cannot bring when traveling with TUI, contact their customer service team. Keep in mind, you may be subject to additional search and scanning procedures when you are passing through airport security.

Improperly traveling with lithium batteries could cause them to short circuit and potentially combust, causing a safety issue for the airplane, so it’s important to adhere to proper guidelines.


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