Depending on your fare type, you could need to pay to check a bag or add additional bags to your reservation. Here’s all you need to know about how much a checked bag will cost you.

Checked Bag Fees

You need to verify if your fare includes a checked bag in its base fare. If not, you can add it during the reservation process or after in your account. The fees will vary based on your fare type, the length of your flight, how big and heavy your bag is, and more.

Typically, the bags will cost you between €30 and €150. The first additional bag is the least expensive, and they get more expensive as you go. You can get your luggage for slightly cheaper if you purchase it in advance online or via the app. You will also pay additional fees if the bag is oversized or overweight.

How much your bag will cost you can vary, so you will know how much you’ll be charged as you add it to your reservation. In some cases, upgrading your fare will cost the same as adding luggage to your reservation, so pay attention to how the add-ons impact your fare.


The price for checked bags on British Airways depends on a lot of different factors, but you can typically expect to pay between €30 and €150. You will need to weigh your bag at the airport to make sure it is not overweight or oversized, which incurs additional fees.


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