British Airways offers its passengers a full menu of food and beverages during its international flights, but does it include complimentary alcohol? Here’s all you need to know about consuming alcohol during international flights with British Airways.

Complimentary Alcoholic Beverages

If you are travelling internationally with British Airways, they offer all passengers complimentary hot, cold, and alcoholic beverages. What you will be offered depends on your class.

  • Economy passengers will get it alongside their meal and snack service. You may need to purchase additional drinks.
  • Premium economy will get sparkling wine after take off in addition to meal and snack service
  • Business class will be offered a larger selection of wines and spirits.
  • First class has the most options with their choice of cocktails, mocktails, champagne, wines, and spirits. You can ask for various drinks, and they should be able to accommodate, subject to availability.

Long-haul international flights have a menu of food and drink services available for passengers, and if you have questions, you can contact their customer service team. You cannot bring your own alcohol on the plane for personal consumption. It must remain sealed and stowed away.

Keep in mind that some destinations may prohibit alcohol consumption, so it may not be available subject to local restrictions.


If you are on a long-haul international flight, alcohol should be provided free of charge when travelling with British Airways. The menu will vary based on your fare type. Shorter international trips may not include complimentary liquor for some fares.


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