When you’re traveling with children, you’ll do almost anything to make sure they’re comfortable and quiet during the flight. That includes purchasing inflatable footrests to help make them more comfortable. Unfortunately, these devices are not allowed on Air France, so save your money. If you try to use one, you will be asked to remove it.

What is an Inflatable Foot Rest?

Inflatable footrests fill the space between the seat and aisle, and they can serve as convertible beds for children, helping them lie down and get more comfortable. However, because these devices block the walkway and are a tripping hazard, they are not allowed on Air France.

If you want your child to recline on the flight, they can lay partially on you, you can book a higher class, or purchase an additional seat. If the flight is not full, you can also relocate your family to a new row if there is space. You have options for getting your child comfortable on a flight; unfortunately, an inflatable footrest is not one of these.

What Happens to Your Device?

If you try to use one on the flight, the cabin crew will ask you to deflate it and put it away. If you refuse, the device may be confiscated. In severe cases, you may be asked to leave the plane, so it’s best that you comply with the cabin crew’s wishes.


Air France does not allow inflatable footrests on the flight. In the case of an emergency, these are a safety hazard, so they are prohibited on all flights.


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